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Tatva Preschools, Pune
Welcome to Tatva Preschools

The Essence of TATVA

Everything around us is made up of five elements (Panch Tatva): Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), Space (Aakash), Earth (Prithvi) and Air (Vayu). Embracing our nature and understanding its law helps us to attain greater knowledge, well being and happiness in life.

Our very existence comes into being with the perfect combination of Panch Tatva.

We take pride in saying that at TATVA children are nurtured to be confident and responsible individuals with an understanding about right and wrong.

At TATVA, we firmly believe that both inbuilt nature (genetic) and  environment both play a crucial role in child’s brain development.

And so we encourage children to adapt every lesson mother nature has to impart. We advocate importance of our environment and nature in every child’s learning journey. Here, we bestow education beyond the classrooms, in the lap of nature which helps in enhancing the child’s health and ability to learn.

At Tatva, we provide a safe haven for children where their thinking is stimulated, curiosity is applauded and conversations are encouraged.

Elevating children’s thought process is very important and so we are well-equipped with efficient teachers who undertake the creative learning process. Our teachers respect each and every child and thus implement personalised education and care. Moreover, at Tatva we also practice multiple intelligence approach which helps in bringing out the best of a child. Above all, every child’s wellbeing is our first priority and so our team is well-aware about their frame of mind, habits and personal details thus catering to their needs individually.

Apart from studies, we also expose children to various extracurricular activities, books, toys, learning aids that help in opening new avenues.

We understand that life’s success, health and emotional wellbeing is rooted to early childhood years. And thus supportive and caring environment ensures optimal brain development and better learning outcomes.

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