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Tatva Pre-School and Child Care — Balewadi

Inside our K1 class, children were taught the importance of sharing with the friends, basically sharing is caring. Following the same concept children were given petal to draw and this petal was called *Caring Petal* All the children looked at each other, drew a big circle for the face, and got started filling in the rest. Some children used all the supplies at hand like crayons, markers, pencil colours, sketch pens, etc. This was totally their creativity and imagination.We loved these photos! The children really worked hard to make these portraits, and we loved how they took artistic liberties by embellishing their art to make them more interesting.#CelebratingChildhood #virtualclassroom #virtuallearning #caringpetal#kindergartenactivities ... See MoreSee Less
Comparing your child to others is never a good idea, and bucking this trend requires intentionality and practice.We share with you few insight into why you should stop comparing your kid to others and offer tips for putting a stop to this habit.#CelebratingChildhood #stopcomparing#bestpreschool #RaisingFutureLeaders ... See MoreSee Less
As monsoon is on the bloom, a rainbow themed party was celebrated at Tatva Preschools!#CelebratingChildhood #bestpreschool #rainbowparty ... See MoreSee Less
One of the most magical sights in nature is a rainbow! Music, songs and rhymes have addressed the beauty of this phenomenon. As monsoon is on the bloom, a rainbow themed party was celebrated in Tatva Preschools.Our little angles were sparkling with vibrant colours of rainbow as they were dressed up in Rainbow theme attire...While keeping the colourful and cheery vibes, children enjoyed eating colourful fruits kebabs served in their plate which was a healthier options for our little ones and every child was with the slogan "I am eating Rainbow"Also the tables at home were filled with beautiful rainbow colours for Art and craft activity that brought so much of excitement and fun.#celebratingchildhood #onlinelearningplatform #rainbowparty #vibgyor #bestpreschool ... See MoreSee Less


Survey #23/5/3, Dharamveer Nagar, Opp. Sunrise Business Park Off Balewadi High Street, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, 411045

Tatva Pre-school & Child Care, Balewadi is spread across 7000 square feet in a 4-storied building. The center is thoughtfully designed to offer the Preschool as well as Child Care children a safe & secure learning environment. A patch of lush green along with an outdoor play area, an inviting sand-play corner and the all-favorite ‘tree-house are attractions that thrill children and parents alike. This School caters to the needs of children between the age group of 2 to 6 Years in Preschool & 6 months to 10 years in childcare.

The childcare facility at Tatva Balewadi is equipped with a calming nap-room, a pretend play corner and a “together” dining space. Mealtime here is an interactive affair with food being prepared by the school’s in-house chef as per the seasonal menus planned in consultation with a certified nutritionist. Every detail is monitored to ensure high quality and nutrition.

The premise is a perfect combination of modern design with naturally lit and the most spacious classrooms with dedicated learning spaces. All classrooms facilitate experiential learning through the various interactive corners. These corners host a wide range of themes such as Music, Art, Science, Technology, etc. to help inculcate the curiosity of the children and encourage them to effectively exhibit their learning.

The Tatva team is committed to providing Children with a joyful educational experience that indulges in holistic development, and a multifaceted environment where the child is safe, happy, healthy, and well-nurtured by professional educators and caregivers.

Ms. Poonam Gangwani — Parent Relationship Manager

Ms. Poonam Gangwani

Ms. Poonam Gangwani is a certified Graphologist & Handwriting by Handwriting University International – USA. Early childhood educationist by profession, She heads Tatva Preschool’s Balewadi branch and has 10plus years of experience in different verticals of education.

Poonam believes in providing children a wide variety of learning opportunities that encourages children to self-express, communicate well, logical thinking and problem-solving strategies.

From counseling parents, training teachers, directing childcare to adoring children, she is the one who stops at nothing to achieve her goals towards Tatva Preschools.

Tatva values her contribution to the organization.

Tatva PreSchool and Child Care, Balewadi

Address: Survey #23/5/3, Dharamveer Nagar, Opp. Sunrise Business Park Off Balewadi High Street, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, 411045
Phone: 8698-597-597

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