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Our Philosophy

Early childhood is considered as the most crucial phase in terms of physical and cognitive development. Nature is like a huge laboratory wherein a child’s senses are stimulated. And that’s exactly what we practice at Tatva for the betterment and well-being of a child.

We believe that environment is the biggest teacher.

When children are outdoors, it nurtures their social, physical, emotional as well as intellectual development. Not to mention, this curriculum fosters a deep connection to our roots, our culture and rich heritage which plays a pivotal role in the learning journey of the child.

Outdoor settings always have an element of surprise than built-in play area, thus boosting the innovative streak of the child. It also helps in promoting social poise along with physical agility.

Our programs at Tatva preschools are designed to help the working parents.

We understand that the parents play an integral role in the learning process. It is overwhelming to witness when families are committed to the well-being of their children! And as the child’s first and most significant teacher, we at Tatva vow to support parents in every possible way.

Children are fast learners so we have designed our programs so that they grow mentally, socially and academically.

At Tatva we assure to create an atmosphere filled with zeal and enthusiasm in order to infuse positivity amongst the children! Although much of what our young students learn at Tatva will not be consciously remembered. But we know for a fact, that the personality formation that we are inducing at the time of foundation is going to help in their future development! And we sincerely take up this responsibility.

With creative and fun learning maneuvers, we bring out the best of the child by nurturing his/her abilities to the fullest!

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