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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum — Tatva Preschools

Tatva is unremittingly working to shape confident individuals and lifelong learners who’ll be ready to face the future. In order to do so, we have designed early childhood programs that are a blend of classic approaches like Montessori and Reggio Emilia.

We have also incorporated the rich ethics of Indian education system which has been progressing from centuries. We have combined our insights from contemporary research to aid early brain development. Though, as the children are in their formative period of growth, we make sure to exercise their overall development in an enjoyable and enticing way! Thus, our curriculum incorporates theories like Multiple Intelligence, Experiential Learning and Enquiry-based approach!

Multiple Intelligence

Every child is unique and so are their ways of learning. Some learn by reading and writing, some by playing with number cards and some from the rhymes. Thus, abiding by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, Tatva undertakes different style of learning through music and movements, toys & equipment, visual aids and other teaching methods.

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Experiential Learning

We focus on experiential learning wherein the child learns from the experiences ensuing, in and around his/her learning environment. Through this learning system, we boost their individual strengths, nurture their capabilities and carve a foundation that prepares them academically, socially and emotionally to lead successful life.

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Enquiry-based Approach

In a stimulating environment child’s curiosity is garnered. It develops a child’s learning and thinking ability. It also helps in building their self-confidence and keeps up the zeal and enthusiasm of learning new things. At Tatva, we follow this approach to turn our kids into life-long learners.

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